The Alaska Forbudt Forn Sidr is the culmination of decades of religious studies, interlaced with substantial amounts of cultural psychology, intersecting with my personal discovery of my own ancestry. I have come to understand the definition of who, and what I am in relationship to the world around me, as well as my context within my community. I have chosen to travel a different spiritual path based on the knowledge gained, and wisdom earned. That path of discovery led me back to my Germanic-Dane ancestry, culminating in their migration to the United States of America a mere three generations ago. Going further back in time to realize the evolution of the Germanic tribes of northern Germany and southern Denmark to form the most formidable warriors to walk the planet.

These earlier warriors formed a unique, and rich culture that lasted for millennia in myth and legend. It was the underlying beliefs behind this culture that has inspired and called me home.

I recognize:

  1. No human being is wrong about their choice of worship. or their belief in a deity.
  2. While I recognize the biological/physical differences between men and women, both provide a necessity to their society.
  3. While I recognize races, I only see the actions of individual, and realize the actions of a few do not dictate the whole.
  4. I have nothing to prove to anyone in this lifetime.
  5. This lifetime is a journey of understanding and learning.
  6. I aspire to the greatness demonstrated by both: mine, and our ancestors (described in the Old Norse texts).

While I continue to seek new knowledge, and building my collective wisdom, I finally feel that I am spiritually home.

Recently, I have validated the ancestral association by completing an in-depth DNA research study that has verified my strong connection with the rich Germanic-Dane ancestry. This led me to continue my exploration of the spiritual understanding which then provided me with an in-depth application of this understanding to both: understand my own journey, as well as assist others in discovering their journeys.

I am the 3rd Generation, American-born

Germanic – Dane

I am the heir of

Gustav Moritz Weissmann

of Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland

via my Great Grandfather

Albrect Otto Henry Weissmann

of Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany

I am an heir of

Jens Peter Østergaard Petersen

of Bjerby Sogn, Thisted Amt, Denmark

via my Great Grandmother

Nelsina Petersen Weisman

of Jutland, Denmark

After decades of ideological studies through most of the recognized religions of the world, I used both my mind (to consider the evolution of cognitive thought), as well as my heart (to consider what felt “right”), and have arrived at the practice of my ancestors.

norrœnt mál (Old Norse)

What the Christian Church refers to as


What does it mean to be a pagan in the modern-day world, especially here in the United States? It means that I don’t believe the same things that most people do. It means that I have removed the societal enforcement of “good” or “evil”, or “right and wrong”. These intrinsic values that are passed through the many hundreds of generations are the reason that I have come to recognize monotheistic religions (ie. Christianity, Muslim, Judaism, etc.) as the societal population control protocols that they are.