My Journey to Understanding

The journey to understanding starts with the willingness to ask “why?” Beyond that, we must seek that which makes logical sense to us, and what the heart deems as “feels right.” It is these two factors that drove me to constantly challenge the religions, and their influential values, that were placed on me, and society throughout time. My research (in alignment with most of the anthropological/psychological research completed) demonstrates that humans began to explore and understand the natural world around them as they migrated out of Africa those hundreds of thousand years ago.

Evolution in Beliefs of early humans:

  • 300 kya – Early humans harness the power of fire (potentially allowing for northern more travel (heat), and cooked meals (extra proteins)). This concurs with the anthropological record showing the arrival of the Anatomical Modern Humans (AMH)
  • 196 kya – Predominantly agreed upon “out of Africa” migration time frame.
  • I believe (no records supporting as of this writing) that there was a “population stall” in (what is today) the Nile valley within the Middle East, spanning 50 – 60 thousand years. Before another major migration continued further east and further north.
  • 10 kya – This puts the early modern settlers (Kormsa) in the northwest (what is today) Russia, relocating to northern Norway by this time.
  • I believe (record research not complete) that these Kormsa people migrated south, at the time other peoples were migrating north intersecting in northern (what is today) Germany, and (what is today) southern Denmark at/or about 9 kya.
  • 3 kya – Earliest farming communities appear throughout the flatlands that we call Denmark,
  • CE – By the arrival of the Current Era (CE), we note that the Danish people are using the Rune written language to communicate. [Link]

This “intersection”, with the associated cognitive growth, spurred a greater understanding of the natural world. This understanding then, caused that population to have centered their beliefs around “the self”, with associations to their ancestors to embody favorable attributes in their legends. There was an acceptance of the supernatural, as well as designated methods to deal with the fallout from those events, however, my ancestors were more about “what they themselves did”. This removes the idea of any superior beings (i.e., Gods) that would have been necessary, and I believe (no evidence as of this writing) that the mythology that we hear about today for the Old Norse that was written and passed on, is by Christians attempting to discredit these earlier pagan beliefs.

As a young child, I have always felt the call from my ancestors, speaking of this wisdom, however, it was not until recently that I began to know the words they spoke of. With this newfound knowledge, and associated wisdom I continue to absorb my family’s heritage and ancestral beliefs as I seek to help others find their way.


My mission now is to teach individuals to harness their own internal energy by seeking to obtain balance. We must learn to communicate with, and seek advice from, those spirits that surround us every minute of every day. We must learn to live our lives with purpose, and balance. Be one with all things around us, and learn from them, that which makes this existence a better place for all humankind.

More to come as I seek wisdom from these spirits, and learn my rightful home as a Danish Pagan.

My responsibility as a practicing Pagan is to help others learn to listen to the appropriate spirits to help guide them in their lifetimes to achieve their purpose. There are spirits that surround us each day, and knowing which spirit to communicate with, regarding specific challenges in our lives, maybe challenging. It is my teachings that can help communicate with the right spirits at the right time to accomplish what is needing to be learned. In addition, there are some spirits who left something undone in their lifetimes, and therefore, as a medicine-man, I help foster the completion of those tasks, allowing the spirit to find peace and balance. I teach my followers to understand the pain of the earth, the sky, and the great oceans, and to utilize their specific skills to help heal the wounds left by those who have no mercy for what they destroy. My primary purpose in my understanding of my faith is to teach that: we are ALL PERSONALLY responsible for our future and our destiny. We have guiding principles (embodied as men/women) who can provide us with the courage and motivation to accomplish our objectives, but that ultimately the success and failure are completely dependent on each of us. Blaming other people, or conditions, for our failures allows many to assume the “victim” role, of which we are not designed to assume.

As a wedding officiant, I work with the couple to understand the influences that the spirits will have on their lives together and help them know the right spirits of ancestors to call upon to ensure overall success in the marriage.

As a counselor, my continued understanding of the connection between the spirit world and the physical plane helps to guide my parishioners through their challenges with an understanding of the spiritual influence that may be placed upon them.