Hvem Er Jeg?

Who Am I?

My name is Dr. Mark Weisman and I come from a very long line of Germanic Danes (18 generations researched so far) from Northern Denmark (Bjereby Sogn), as well as 12 generations from Southeastern Germany (Saxony). After extensive studies in religious practices throughout the world, I have arrived at my German-Danish Pagan roots.

My Study in Philosophy

While not technically a full-fledged theology, I have recognized some basic tenants of the human belief systems and feel like I’ve personally discovered where all modern theologies have deviated from reality. As a formerly ordained chaplain of the “Christian” church, I have discovered the self-serving practices of all the modern religions, and recognize the perceived necessity to implement a methodology of mind control that was accomplished with the rise of monotheism around the turn of the millennia.

Spiritual Guide | Advisor | Úlfhéðnar

My calling is to retell the oral history of my ancestry, and impart upon my listeners/readers the idea of “the self”. I attempt to help individuals look past the inherent value judgments encouraged and supported by most organized “religions” and determine their individual destinies. Assisting people in understanding that it is because of this inherited intrinsic value judgment, passed through generation after generation, attempting to force the population to behave a certain way, predominantly relying on guilt and shame to emotionally punish individuals for wanting to think, and act, differently. These practices rely on most people not understanding the “mysterious ways” of the spiritual world that lies outside normal preview. It is this fact alone that has convinced me that my ancestors did have it right, believing in themselves, and their own ancestry.

I recognize:

  1. No human being is wrong about their choice of worship. or their belief in a deity. I respect their perceived need for societal inclusion.
  2. While I recognize the biological/physical differences between men and women, both provide a necessity to their society and that they are fundamentally different, and that they are born into a physical body that they need to learn in this physical lifetime.
  3. While I recognize skin color, I know that it has no bearing on anything, I only see the actions of individuals and realize the actions of a few do not dictate the whole.
  4. I have nothing to prove to anyone in this lifetime. The events upon my tapestry are mine to write.
  5. This lifetime is a journey of understanding and learning. My “physical lifetime” has a purpose to assist me and others beyond the physical body.
  6. I aspire to the greatness demonstrated by our ancestors (described in the Old Norse texts).

My weekly podcasts present a message of being yourself and recognizing that those things that we want to do with our lives are purely up to you. In addition, recognizing that the modern definition of “good versus evil” and “right versus wrong” is purely the imagination of some individual who didn’t like or want a particular behavior, and really has no bearing on reality.

Please feel free to look around the website, and ask any questions you may have in either English or Danish. If you are interested in my “professional” side, visit my online portfolio HERE

You may ask yourself, how has the discovery of my ancestry changed my life today? Well, with “tongue in cheek”, I’m writing that up here [CHECK IT OUT HERE]

I am the 3rd Generation, American-born

Germanic – Dane

Ich bin der Erbe von
Über meinen Urgroßvater

Albrect Otto Henry Weissmann

of Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany


Jeg er arving til

Via min Oldemor

Nelsina Weisman (Petersen)

of Jutland, Denmark



I am Úlfhe∂inn


Recognition of the old Norse, I am an Úlfhéðnar

Úlfhéðnar are beyond Berserkir. They are Óðinn’s special warriors and elite Viking forces. They are metaphorically associated with wolf pelts (in contrast to regular Berserkir who are associated with bear pelts), as they are known to be inhabited by the spirit of wolves. Úlfhéðnar are capable of performing feats far beyond the abilities of other warriors, including Berserkir. Úlfhéðnar are hamrammir (shapeshifters). They don’t wear a helmet or a mailcoat, bite their shield in a rage prior to each battle, kill enemies with just one blow, and are immune to fire or iron. Úlfhéðnar are also known for having reached exceptional levels of spirituality, self-control, and cohesion. Without Berserkir and Úlfhéðnar as shock troops, King Haraldr hárfagri would have been unsuccessful in his quest to unify Nóregr (Norway). After all, Úlfhéðnar was not only the best warriors of the time, they were also the most feared.

The Church has always had an unholy fixation on both Víkingar and wolves. So the clergy quickly claimed Úlfhéðnar (and Berserkir in general) were “Heathen Devils“. When Eric Hákonarson decided to embrace Christianity, he, therefore, outlawed Berserkir and thus, Úlfhéðnar. With the Christianization of Iceland, Grágás (medieval Icelandic law code which contained a Christian law section) also sentenced Berserkir and Úlfhéðnar to outlawry (to this day, the Church still harasses Úlfhéðnar, still trying to control how they live their life).

My Journey to Úlfhe∂nar

The Úlfhe∂nar from the legends of the Norse. Originating within the northern migrating Germanic tribes from Roman rule, these men connected to the spirits and became the ultimate predators to decimate opponents and foes in short order. As a form of early special forces, they were typically used as “shock troops” and typically fought well ahead of the forward warriors. Both our brethren the Berserkir (of the bear), and my ancestors had the ability to communicate with their token animals to assume their power and prowess in battle. However, the Úlfhe∂nar had a special understanding of the Landvættir (Land Spirits), which could be communicated with to assist in destroying the enemy, as well as assisting our community members. Having the ability to traverse between the physical and spiritual worlds, knowledge can be obtained beyond what is possible in one of the other realms, therefore it is the gift from Ó∂inn that I can help my community to understand their connection to the spiritual world.

As a modern-day Úlfhe∂nar, I have studied both: the art of war (and combat), and the spiritual realms (both on Mi∂gard, in order to provide an understanding as to the true purpose that we all serve in life. In the ancient history of my Germanic-Dane ancestry, the Úlfhe∂nar connected the physical world to the spiritual world and could transform as hamrammir or (Shapeshifters). These abilities enabled us to live outside the normal existence of man and live our own paths. As a modern-day Úlfhe∂nar my study has shifted away from physical combat, although my skills are maintained, and shape-shifting, and has become more focused on understanding the spiritual interactions we all have every minute of every day. This understanding allows me to help my friends and neighbors to find their way back to their path creating their own tapestry. I offer the wisdom of my great ancestors who lived before our ancestors, while calling upon my totem brothers, the wolves, to help me to see what others cannot.

In my case, the gift of Ó∂inn skipped a few generations, with my father and grandfather being unable, or unwilling to carry the burden, my great grandmother carried with her, the gift of the mystic, and handed it down to her firstborn son of each generation. I am the eldest son of my father, who was the oldest male born of his father, who also was the oldest male born of my great grandmother. Therefore it has become my honor to carry the gift of Ó∂inn. For many years I carried out my initiation into the Úlfhe∂nar without much knowledge of what it was at the time.

  • When I was much younger (about 14 years old), my mother and father separated. In a heated departure late one evening, my father and I met in the circle of hand-to-hand combat. In a rage, I was able to subdue him and force him to surrender and leave. From that day until now, I always wondered if things would have stacked up differently for my family had that not happened. I now have my answer.
  • Toward the end of my three-year tour with the US Marines, I found myself heavily addicted to Cocaine, and Heroin in an attempt to quash the voices in my head, and emptiness in my heart. I was discharged, and returned to my (then) home in Tucson, Arizona, however the need to contain these controls remained.
  • Following my tour in the Marines, I survived a near-death scenario caused by a Heroin overdose, followed by intervention, or “cleansing” beginning a multi-decade journey without the need for the drug in my life. This situation was ultimately, very enlightening, and began to clear my eyes of the fog.
  • Follow the cleansing, I spent about a year living in a tent on the mountainside of the Santa Catalinas just north of Tucson, Arizona. Following that year on the mountain, I lived in a culvert for approximately six months, before moving into my brother’s barn 1200 miles north on Whidbey Island, Washington. While I didn’t know it, this is where Ó∂inn found me. Throughout the following thirty years, Ó∂inn has raised me from the ashes of who I was and allowed me to discover my true path.
  • After being on Whidbey Island for about four months, Ó∂inn introduced me to my wife. While she has embraced the monotheistic beliefs of the modern world, she is my world. I cannot begin to form the words of thanks for the belief she has had in me to arrive where I did. Ultimately, she never gave up on me. Within six weeks of meeting, we were married in a small ceremony in the bar in Mount Vernon, Washington. We have now been together for over thirty years.
  • It was eight months later that I was honored to meet my daughter, born at the University of Washington medical center. My beautiful, intelligent daughter has now grown up, married a good man, and gave me my first grandson. The third generation of mine.

Although my life seemed to moving in the right direction, I remained unsettled and continued with my trials and tribulations, almost ending our newly formed marriage on several occasions. Again, Ó∂inn interceded and settled my wife’s heart that she would forgive me, again and again.

  • Several years later, I was introduced to our twin sons. With great stress and concerns, the boys came into this physical world and have now grown to become adults of their own, with one of the boys giving me my first granddaughter and second grandson.
  • The next gift was the use of Ó∂inn’s gentle hand to guide me to enroll in a Baptist University where he presented me with an instructor who would be instrumental in getting me back to my ancestry. While he may not have known it, my theology course there at Wayland completely changed my trajectory. Although not immediately, the trajectory back to Ó∂inn was set. I would go on to learn all about monotheistic beliefs, and the psychology behind them. This would ultimately lead me back home.
  • It was during my time at Wayland, that I became ordained as a Christian minister and tried to reconcile what I felt and what was being taught. I would then spend a decade as a chaplain who worked primarily with returning veterans and their families particularly with PTSD, I began to feel and hear the wisdom of the Gods. They began to speak through the many veterans I was honored to work with.
  • Next came the stabilization to my life given my Ó∂inn. I accepted employment at a local university as a team lead for the help desk, and although this doesn’t sound exciting, it was the financial stabilization my family needed, in addition to a position that was challenging enough to keep me engaged. Definitely a gift from Ódinn.

However, Hel couldn’t let me escape from her grasp and cursed my wife with breast cancer several years later. Together my shield maiden and I put our shoulder into it and conquered cancer. That was over twelve years ago now, and she continues to honor me every day with her beautiful soul. However, when Hel realized that cancer wouldn’t break us, she led me to the path of infidelity through temptation. Although I never physically strayed, I mentally violated my oath to my wife. Again, with the heart of Frigg, my wife forgave me and we continued our process forward. While we have become closer as time moves on, I know that the challenges of Hel’s attempt to break me, and my family remain in both the physical and spiritual worlds. I have continually sought Ódinn’s grace since those darker days of my life.

  • Fast forward to about two years ago, when my mother asked me to assist with her ancestry stuff.  As I began to explore the documentation and bloodlines, more fog was lifted from my eyes. I found my great-grandmother and grandfather. My great-grandmother was born in Jutland, Denmark, with my great-grandfather being born across the border in Germany. Many of the pieces I was missing in my life began to settle into place.
  • Approximately about the same time as I was working on the ancestry stuff that I became involved with two men who had recently returned home from tours overseas. As we addressed ways for them to cope with their symptoms. As we worked together, the powers of Ó∂inn became obvious, and the ability to visit the spirit world for more answers was experienced. Those men received a lifetime of success via the gods through the words Ó∂inn put in my mouth.
  • On January 30th, 2021, I completed an oath on my ring to Ó∂inn as one of his Úlfhe∂nar, which runs in my maternal great grandmother’s bloodline. I meditated, and consumed large amounts of alcohol, and continued to learn how to open the door to the spiritual world. As soon as the door was opened my life changed forever. This is more than an embracing of a culture, but a return home.

Many of the thoughts and beliefs I have had over the decades, now all make sense. My distrust in the monotheistic beliefs, my dislike for the idea of “the church”, all made sense. Recognizing the “brain-washing” that has happened over the last 2000 years for what it was, the fog is lifted, and Ó∂inn has allowed me to drink Ó∂rerir (the Mead of Poetry) and embrace the wisdom of Kvasir. I am home. I have arrived at the place I have sought my whole life to be.

I am Úlfhe∂nar! Hail Ó∂inn!

My Beliefs

After decades of research on all the practiced religions of the world, I have arrived at the study of my own personal ancestral culture. This “arrival” has led me to believe many things about the doctored version of our culture.

My Beliefs

My Thoughts.

Given the gift of wisdom from the all-father Ó∂inn, I have sought more knowledge as to its applications to modern-day, real-world issues. Throughout my journey of discovery, I have learned many things about my ancestors, and have formed my own opinions.

My Thoughts