On another page, we have covered how I arrived at my current belief system, and why I will continue to find my path, with the help of the legends to guide me. To better understand my teachings, one must first let go of mainstream monotheistic religion and understand that “the self” has the knowledge and wisdom beyond what we think our human minds can comprehend.

As my ancient ancestors believed, the idea behind it all is the understanding that ultimately, it is the “individual,” or “the self” that plots our course through this physical lifetime, and not some mystic figure that will get us the success we need within our lives. In the evolution of the human mind, our ancestors discovered, much the same way I’m sure many people today have discovered, that there are no magic deities that will swoop in to save the day. The responsibility for creating our personal successes, or allowing our failures, is purely in our hands.

In the image (to the right), there are several phases of our lives. The first is the Creation phase. During this phase, the “self” is created as a collection of energies that are then granted a consciousness. While there may be a collection of experiences (with knowledge) the application of said experiences, and therefore the associated wisdom needs to be acquired from the next phase. It is also during this phase of your existence that Urðr determines the length of your life.

During the next phase, the Physical Lifetime phase, we apply our knowledge to different experiences that intersect with our existence. It is these experiences that collectively lay the foundation to build our wisdom. The physical lifetime phase begins with our human form conception and terminates with our biological death. During our Physical Lifetime, we interact with hundreds of thousands of spirits of all lifeforms.

  • Examples of those attributes from the ancient texts (the Legends)
  • Animals (both: wild, and domesticated)
  • Humans (our ancestors who have moved beyond the physical self)
  • Fauna (Trees, grass, flowers, other plants)
  • Lands (Mountains, Seas, Lands)

All of these spirits interact with us in much the same way that we interact with each other. Being able to “still” the mind to be able to really listen to these spirits is a skill set that is necessary to live in harmony with the Earth and each other.

Finally, we reach the Spiritual phase of our lives. Once the biological body ceases to function, we exit the shell of the biological unit and join our ancestors in one of several different realms, including Valhalla. Once we depart our physical bodies, our spirits have been given the wisdom of living, we can offer that wisdom to those who still reside within their biological bodies and seek our unique wisdom.  Upon the resignation of your physical self, one’s spirit ventures to Yggdrasil where Skuld will review the tapestry of your physical life as woven by Verðandi and determine where you shall be allowed to go.

Valhöll – this is where the brave and honorable warriors will be invited to join. The grand halls and forever feast with Óðinn.

Fólkvangr – this is where half of the honorable warriors will be invited to join. The grand halls and forever feast with Freyja.

Valaskjálf – if you are a konnungr, jarl, hersir, Úlfheðinn, or Berserkr, you are invited to join Tyr at his grand hall for forever feasts.

Þrúðvangar – if you are not invited to the other realms, then you can join Þórr’s (Thor’s) grand hall for great feasts.

Others may be invited to other areas depending on their professions.

Lundar – this is where many will be sent. Where the weather is moderate in this peaceful forest, and the beautiful face of Hel awaits all those who arrive here.

Niflhel – this is where the cowards, and liars will reside. Decay and pain surround this place, as one’s spirit drowns in the river of poison.

I believe that my function is that of fostering communications between the inhabitants of their physical form, and those who have left behind their physical self here on Miðgarðr. As a practitioner of my beliefs, my responsibility is to seek harmony with my environment, and those spirits within it. There are many benefits that can be gained from our ancestors, however, the greatest gift they offer is the wisdom that they gained when they walked upon Miðgarðr.

My responsibility is to help others learn to listen to the appropriate spirits to help guide them in their lifetimes to achieve their purpose. It is through the ancient teachings that we can communicate at the right time to accomplish what is needing to be learned. In addition, there are some who left something undone in their lifetimes, and therefore, as a spiritual vessel, I help foster the completion of those tasks, allowing the spirit to find peace and balance. I teach others to understand the pain of the great yew tree of life, Yggdrasil, and to utilize their specific skills to help heal the wounds left by those who have no thought for what they destroy.

Throughout the history of humankind, there were those who were chosen to not have a “spiritual self” following the loss of their physical lifetime, and therefore, while there are still millions of spirits, not every physical lifeform chose the path of spirituality. These individuals may choose a multitude of paths following their lifetimes on earth.

The Germanic-Dane history shows us that they predominantly were skilled at waging war and sailing the seas. The rich culture they left behind, either with tangible evidence or by legendary tales passed on by generations, indicates that they also understood the balance of nature and their physical lives. The tales of conquest are told as a reminder of what man is capable of if left unshackled by the monotheistic value judgments.

I am very certain that Skuld will permit me passage to Valaskjálf where I will seek to communicate with those here on Miðgarðr who seek wisdom with their still voices. I believe my tapestry has demonstrated many internal demons that I have had to vanquish to arrive at where I am today. I am a proud Dane! I am proud to call myself an Americian-Dane!


  • Skáldskapr: Why not believe in yourself? -

    In every-day conversation with anyone, they can tell you which acts that are considered evil, or bad, based on what monotheism has enforced throughout the history of the world. The inter-generational, intrinsic value judgement of other’s actions has defined monotheism from its inception. Essentially judging others based on some preconceived notion of right and wrong. When considering the multitude of splits in all forms on monotheism to accommodate some new generation thoughts, I am convinced it was the opinion of a limited few that has established these values in which has been passed from generation to generation.

  • Skáldskapr: Why forn-sidr? -

    My name Dr. Mark Weisman, and as the introduction states, I can trace my lineage back at least 18 generations (researched so far) in Northern Denmark. My great-grandmother, born in Bjerby Sogn, Denmark, immigrated to the United States in 1898 with my great grandfather. Me personally, I have studies and received a doctors degree for religious studies, as well as degrees in computer science, and psychology. I have served for over 25+ years in the security industry, and 20+ years in Information Technology, and a formerly active duty Marine. Throughout all the studies I have completed both formerly and not, I now understand I was trying to find my way back home. Home, as in my family heritage, and home in my religious beliefs.

  • Skáldskapr: The path of The Clan -

    The value of family has weakened throughout the generations, leaving a large gap in our modern-day understanding of what it means to be a family, or our ancestors may have referred to it as a clan. This idea stems from different people being joined, either: by blood, or by purpose, to create a better immediate community. Throughout the Norse legends, there are many clans that rally to the cause to support our ancestors in their quest for their future. Our ancestors, who lived those generations ago were not much different than we are today, as far as their need for family bonds.

  • Skáldskapr: The path of understanding. -

    A common misconception is that there occurs a time in ones life where everything will make sense. Where the trials and tribulations that we have undertaken will all make sense. I’m here to say that time never comes. Even today, many people struggle to understand the reason behind the recent plague that infected the earth. Today I hope to impart on you some wisdom I’ve learned throughout my many years of life. Hopefully, I can pass it along to you in a way that makes sense for you, and you can incorporate it into your collective wisdom.

  • Skáldskapr: The silence of power. -

    Taking a cue from my ancestors on this one, at the risk of sounding like an internet meme. What really is the true power of a boy or man in modern America? Let’s talk about that, what does it mean? What does it mean in today’s society to be a direct descendent of a Viking warrior?

  • Skáldskapr: The balance of power. -

    For all the men out there who feel the need to verbally, or physically assault your female companion, I’m here to tell you, you are stupid. Yea, I said it. Like those you have chosen to bully, I’m not one of. I’m not afraid of any immortal, or mortal being on earth. No, I’m not bragging, I’m just right with the spirits, and my ancestors, therefore I have no fear. But alas I digress, that is only a part of our story today. Our words of wisdom, and poetry, will hopefully help those men understand the value of their woman or partner. I will say that one of the greatest tragedies I see in modern relationships is when a man feels that his partner is unequal. Either she is placed high on a pedestal to be admired and worshiped, or beneath him and keep close to the heel. However, real marriages are teams. Like any team there will be times when one carries the other, some days the man carries the woman, other days the woman carries the man, most of their lives should be spent walking together. They say that a woman protecting her children is the most fearsome force on the planet, however, I would argue that a woman defends her “loves” this way, all of them.  The balance of the blade In the times of our ancestors, we judged a sword by its point of balance, Too close to the pommel, the sword was imbalanced and unwieldily, Too far from the pommel, the sword became heavy in combat. If the sword was pitted and forged inaccurately, it was sure to fail in battle, If it was too sharp, it might become stuck in an adversary or object, The sword was our guarantee to come home or go to Valhalla. So too, is the balance of our choice of our wives, They are sacred creatures, who are our equal, They are not above, nor below us, simply back to back to fight in both directions. Our woman’s mind is razor-sharp to protect her children, and sound the alarm, Her world rests in the sweet breath of her newborn child, She is willing to risk everything for her family, and that includes me. My wife is my equal, she is my partner for life, My wife is willing to die with me at her side, as I am with her at mine, A gift to me to cherish forever, to love, and to support in every way, she is each day. Unlike the sword, she can be razor-sharp, to help me clear the path for us, Unlike the sword, she can be near my heart, and yet, we will be balanced, With her, I am balanced. Without her, I am unwieldy. Those who seek to reduce these precious creatures are doomed to fail for eternity, Those who feel compelled to force love clearly do not understand the power of love, To those, I bow my head and hope you get to experience real love. That feeling that demands that you are close to her, The delicate skin of flower pedal smoothness, the slight fragrance of purity, Those beautiful eyes of emerald beneath crystal waters gazing at you, The undeniable force that draws you away from other tasks to her, The longing to hear her melodious voice say your name, The overwhelming need to provide anything she needs, without her asking, This my friends is love. They say that love is kind, love is patient, They lie. Love is powerful, love is the brutal truth, It can be mean and cut deep, love leaves scars Love is pulling the entire cart by yourself because you would rather die by 1000 swords than to see her struggle with the cart. Love may mean crying yourself to sleep because you can’t understand each other. This my friends is love. The greatest part to this is, this is exactly the same way she feels about you. My bride of over thirty years now is the stronger of us two. She has raised five children, three to adulthood, and yet her hands of steel turn to lambswool for each child that enters our home. She is strong and independent. She doesn’t need me. She wants to be with me. She is my shield-maiden, able to sound an alarm or hold the line until I can get my sword. She is as awesome as the promise of a new day.

  • Skáldskapr: Confusing kindness with weakness. -

    Today, I welcome you to a new platform that I call the Alaska Outlaw Forn Sidr. This idea comes from my ancestry of Germanic-Danes who called southern Denmark home. I’d like to assure those listeners who are new to the Alaska Outlaw, and of you here at Forn Sidr, our purpose is to spread the word of hope and peace. So, for those of you who are not Danish, or have not studied Germanic history, may not understand what Forn Sidr means, I am here to help. Forn Sidr roughly translates to english as “Ancient Customs”. It is here that I will offer teachings about coping with modern-day life here in America. So, to start the show I figured I’d talk about a subject that I see all over the inter webs, and that is the mistaken identity of weakness. Many assume that one is weak when one doesn’t engage in violent actions, or reactions. When a man is more intrinsic, or subdued, he is immediately considered to be weak, and this, quite possibly, could be no further from the truth. In the days of my Norwegian ancestors, a great deal of victory could be obtained by encouraging the opponent to strike first. By having the ability and courage to determine the strike pattern and type, one could execute a more effective counteract. To this point, I will create poetry to further express this message. In this modern day world of moving toward a more feminine, or politically correct behavior, one needs to consider what we are really needing to happen. One must also be cognizant that, although some say women are to be discounted for war, I strongly disagree. Women are much better equipped to work “smarter” and not harder, and therefore should be treated equally in this respect. While the more modern religious practices favor men over women, I believe they have sadly under-estimated a woman’s value. To further explain the idea of power, my ancestors would have written poetry to explain the basic understanding The disguise of strength The sea disguises her power and strength under sometimes very still covers. She exerts her power by continually eroding the shorelines as she slowly creeps towards the distant mountains. Relentlessly she chips away at the rock faces that attempt to hold her back. Intentionally she exposes the cracks in the large stones to break them apart, tumbling them to her depth. Yet, those who dare, they may face her raw, unbridled power as she shreds the vessels who attempt to traverse her. Those who venture out into her calm demeanor may travel far enough to witness the brutal power she withholds. Constantly she gives life to the many creatures who call her home, and protects them from the elements of the above world, keeping their world in balance. Throughout the world she can move mountains of ice, shattering them, then moving them thousands of miles from their origin. The sea also provides the final journey for brave warriors to Valhalla, softly reaching her tendrils around the vessel to gently accept the warrior and transport them to Valhalla. While she can be a sultry temptress, she has a fiery temper that can consume a ship full of brave men, taking them to their doom. Strength does not have to be on display at all times, with a reserved power being of more concern. Many still lakes can be very deep, one needs to be aware of a man’s spirit, before one considers a violent confrontation. In much the same way the beautiful clear skies may draw upon its hidden power to crush the travel of man, forcing even the strongest warriors to bow knee. The power contained within the hidden space of air can be unleashed at any moment without so much as a hint to its true desire for destruction.

  • Skáldskapr: Something to Imagine -

    The idea behind the song, and life in general, is to obtain harmony. Obtaining harmony is easy when you look past the definition of religious, to the person behind it.

  • Skáldskapr: Freedom of thought. -

    Today I would like to discuss the idea for thinking for ourselves. To fully engage in this conversation we must dig deep into our our psyche to discover how our thoughts and morals are constructed. We must venture beyond Pavlov, beyond all the philosophers before him, to fully understand the necessity of belonging.

  • Skáldskapr: The path of right. -

    The issue with the modern world we live in, is that we’ve moved away from a fact-checking world to accepting the perception of much of the world around us. This fundamental change has seemingly caused more destruction to much of the social fabric that humans had woven up to the release of technology. Most are content with the acceptance of the half-based truths that splash across their social media feeds.