Min Lære


On another page, we have covered how I arrived at my current belief system, and why I will continue to find my path, with the help of the gods to guide me. To better understand my teachings, one must first let go of mainstream monotheistic religion and understand that “the self” has the knowledge and wisdom beyond what we think our human minds can comprehend.

As my ancient ancestors believed, the idea behind it all is the understanding that ultimately, it is the “individual,” or “the self” that plots our course through this physical lifetime, and not some mystic figure that will get us the success we need within our lives. In the evolution of the human mind, our ancestors discovered, much the same way I’m sure many people today have discovered, that there are no magic deities that will swoop in to save the day. The responsibility for creating our personal successes, or allowing our failures, is purely in our hands. The desire to absolve ourselves of responsibilities has led to a society of victims, and victim mentality. This is where I have a different view on that.

Deeper into the Weeds of Understanding

In the image (to the right), there are several phases of our lives. The first is the Creation phase. During this phase, the “self” is created as a collection of energies that are then granted a consciousness. While there may be a collection of experiences (with knowledge) the application of said experiences, and therefore the associated wisdom needs to be acquired from the next phase. It is the necessity of the physical lifetime that provides the sensory connections between the fragmented experiences that we are provided prior to birth. It is also during this phase of your existence that Urðr determines the length of your life.

During the next phase, the Physical Lifetime phase, we apply our knowledge to different experiences that intersect with our existence and make the sensory connections necessary to complete our fragmented birth knowledge. It is these experiences that collectively lay the foundation to build our wisdom. The physical lifetime phase begins with our human form conception and terminates with our biological death. During our Physical Lifetime, we interact with hundreds of thousands of spirits of all lifeforms.

  • Examples of those attributes from the ancient texts (the Legends from our gods)
  • Humans (our ancestors who have moved beyond the physical self, and have chosen to listen for Miðgarðr guidance requests)
  • Landvættir (“Land Spirits” in old Norse, or “Rural” in Dansk)
    • Animals (both: wild, and domesticated)
    • Fauna (Trees, grass, flowers, other plants)
    • Lands (Mountains, Seas, Lands)

All of these spirits interact with us in much the same way that we interact with each other. However, being able to “still” the mind to be able to really listen to these spirits is a skill set that is necessary to live in harmony with the Miðgarðr and each other.

Finally, we reach the Spiritual phase of our lives. Once the biological body ceases to function, we exit the shell of the biological unit and join our ancestors in one of nine different realms, including, possibly Valhöll (Valhalla). Once we depart our physical bodies and our spirits have been given the wisdom of living, we can offer that wisdom to those who still reside within their biological bodies and seek our unique wisdom across the Bifrost.  Upon the resignation of your physical self, one’s spirit ventures to Yggdrasil where Skuld will review the tapestry of your physical lifetime as woven by Verðandi (her sister), and determine where you shall be allowed to go.

Valhöll – this is where half of the brave and honorable warriors will be invited to join. The grand halls and forever feast with Óðinn.

Fólkvangr – this is where the other half of the honorable warriors will be invited to join. The grand halls and forever feast with Freyja.

Valaskjálf – if you are a konnungr, jarl, hersir, Úlfheðinn, or Berserkr, you are invited to join Tyr at his grand hall for forever feasts.

Þrúðvangar – if you are not invited to another realm, then you can join Þórr’s (Thor’s) grand hall for great feasts.

Others may be invited to other areas depending on their professions.

Lundar – this is where most average citizens will be sent. Where the weather is moderate in this peaceful forest, and the beautiful face of Hel awaits all those who arrive here.

Niflhel – this is where the cowards, and liars will reside. Decay and pain surround this place, as one’s spirit drowns in the river of poison.

I believe that my function is that of fostering communications between the inhabitants of their physical form, and those who have left behind their physical self here on Miðgarðr. As a practitioner of my beliefs, my responsibility is to seek harmony with my environment, and the Landvættir within it. There are many benefits that can be gained from our ancestors, however, the greatest gift they offer is the wisdom that they gained when they walked upon Miðgarðr.

My responsibility is to help others learn to listen to the appropriate spirits to help guide them in their lifetimes to achieve their purpose. It is through the ancient teachings that we can communicate to accomplish what is needing to be learned. In addition, there are some who left something undone in their lifetimes, and therefore, as a spiritual vessel, I help foster the completion of those tasks, allowing the spirit to find peace and balance. I teach others to understand the pain of the great yew tree of life, Yggdrasil, and to utilize their specific skills to help heal the wounds left by those who have no thought for what they destroy.

The Germanic-Dane history shows us that they predominantly were skilled at waging war and sailing the seas. The rich culture they left behind, either with tangible evidence or by legendary tales passed on by generations, indicates that they also understood the balance of nature and their physical lives. The tales of conquest are told as a reminder of what man is capable of if left unshackled by the monotheistic value judgments.

I am very certain that Skuld will permit me passage to Valaskjálf where I will seek to communicate with those here on Miðgarðr who seek wisdom with their still voices. I believe my tapestry has demonstrated many internal demons that I have had to vanquish to arrive at where I am today. I am a proud Dane! I am proud to call myself an American-Dane!

Questions Answered

Throughout the years, I have been asked many questions about being Dane, about being an Úlfhé∂nar, and about Paganism as a theology. It is here I try to answer them.

Kommende Shows

I always try to make shows about what my listeners need answers to, so I believe it’s critical that listeners know what shows are coming in the future. In addition, I am always available for consultation as well.

Our Weekly Show

The principle idea behind the show is to help people untangle the moral values that have been forced upon the world’s ancestry since the birth of monotheism and relieve the deep-seated, unconscious, causation of stress and depression. By dissecting the modern understandings of, and removing the ramifications programmed within the thought process by the concept called sin, I hope to be able to assist listeners in re-establishing their self-esteem and minimize or eliminate the guilt/shame cycle that is a major factor in depression.

Each week the topics will cover different pieces of those factors that have influenced our thoughts, beliefs, and practices today. Speaking from an ancient Norse paganistic perspective, the show highlights those programming constructs that have emblazoned deep within the human mind and then teaches those who want to know how to break the cycle that has been so destructive throughout the generations of human existence how to be free.  One of the main tenements here is the center of all Norse functions, “the self”. By helping people understand that it is the self that is in complete control of the tapestry of our lives. We make choices and live life without the need for handouts from an imaginary being, relying on our gods to guide us in ensuring our honor stays intact.

Our weekly publication is also available in written format here on our site for those of you who struggle with hearing. For those of you who can hear, our podcast is available on all the locations that you normally download your podcasts from.

What is Skáldskapr?

Skáldskapr translates in Old Norse as “a poem – written in verse”. While I use the skáldskapr here to speak about the lessons that I hope that my listeners take away, ultimately I attempt to put the lessons into some poetry. In the time of my ancestors, the ability to provide poetry would have been a very sought-after skill. In those early days, much of the legends and stories would have been an oral tradition that generations would have passed onto generation after generation. It is these oral tales of conquest and victories that would have provided the foundations that the Christian church would then translate and document for us today.

Contained within each of my Skáldskapr posts contains lessons that may, or may not contain either: poetry or ancestral tales to further demonstrate the point of the post.