The Vision

  1. Normal text will contain the historical context, as well as the Anthropological and Paleo-Geological studies associated with each section of the vision.
  2. Italic text will contain a portion of the vision I received and was “told” from within the vision.

Our story begins during the “Upper” age of the Pleistocene Epoch in the Quarternary period of earth’s history, approximately 129,000 years ago, lasting until about 11.7 thousand years ago (kya). For most of this period we find the last “Ice Age” covering the North American continent, with the Last Glacial period lasting from 125 kya, until 11.7 kya, mostly ending when the Cordilleran Ice Sheet receding back far enough to allow further migration south and east with the Last Glacial Maximum being around 26.5 kya.

Based on anthropological studies, we know within reason (several debated contradictory theories with the science community) that the Anatomical Modern Humans (AMH) migrated out of Africa somewhere between 150 – 115 kya. This migration followed several defined paths, however, there seemed to be some interbreeding between the hominids of that period (approximately 80 – 50 kya). Three (3) distinct groups other than the AMHs were the: NeanderthalsDenisovan, and Archaic humans (Homo Erectus) coexisted with the AMH in what is Western Europe today. We can assert that the relocation of these hominids would have created a substantial change in diet, which would have created different proteins within their bodies, thereby increasing the critical thought process. It also, according to many DNA studies, altered their genetic makeup, as diet, stress, and other immediate factors can alter the genetic code of each generation of offspring. We know that the harnessing of the power to make “fire” was discovered approximately 300,000 years before the migration out of Africa by the ancestors of the AMH. In addition, during the interbreeding periods, we find the evolution of the Forkhead Box Protein (FOXP2) gene which allowed for an enhanced language to be used amongst several peoples of the time. During the 50,000 years of migration across Eurasia, many studies have concluded that this group became isolated for an extended time, in what is called the Beringia Standstill population, meaning that there was very little genetic modification outside of themselves. It is during that period we find very interesting developments within the spiritual movement for those travelers.

I believe that the “world darkness” that the vision tells there is not actually darkness but, “cognitive thinking” or understanding. Where the evolution of humans by breeding and eating “cooked” food, allowing for the genetic manipulation that assisted in the development of an understood language, it also provided for a marked increase in cognitive thought.

This part speaks to the domestication of canines to become an integral part of human existence. Acting as both the spiritual protector, as well as part of the hunting parties, the dog became part of the migration story as well.

At, or around 40 kya, a crossroads developed between China, Mongolia, and Siberia, named Altai. This area became a fairly large society, facing overpopulation by about 35 kya. The expanding population consuming the local resources for supporting life to the point of failure. Throughout the rise and continued development within this community, came the rise of the Altaian Shamanism for religious practices. These traditions continued for over 15,000 years. As the population continued to expand, a large group of individuals from the southern portion of Altai began a nomadic migration east, across Beringia.

From the historical records, we find that modern humans went through a cognitive change starting in about 50 kya to 12 kya known as the “Upper Paleolithic Revolution”. It is during this time that many surmise that anatomically modern humans underwent a gradual cognitive transition allowing for more critical thoughts to emerge. Things like planning, self ornamentation, and culture creation began to be a part of everyday life for these ancestors. It is during this time that we find the earliest samples of “cave art” and painted rocks throughout the migratory path, both in Europe and across Eurasia. From about 17 kya to (at-least) 13.5 kya we can assume that the Peoples brought, and practiced, Shamanism/Animalism wherever they went, therefore it is safe to assume that this new place, called Eastern Beringia had its group of Shamans for healing and cultural traditions. This is very important when we consider the “unknowns” of the time, and their use of Shamans to explain the supernatural.

Throughout this time, within the anthropological record, we find interbreeding between these modern humans, and the others during this time. Neanderthals, Denizens, and Archaic humans provide the genetic manipulations of these modern humans, The further development of the FOXP2 gene allowed for more advanced use of a language to convey ideas and thoughts of the spirit world all around our ancestors as they ventured across the lands in search of the birthplace of the sun.

According to many anthropologists, there seemed to be another migration that followed behind (sometime near 13 kya) thereby beginning to dilute the Ancient Beringia genetic coding. In addition, this newer group continued further south as the corridors in the Cordilleran Ice Sheet had been exposed allowing movement. I believe that this newer group continued into what is the lower-48 where they met up with travelers from eastern North America. These two groups (my opinion only, no scientific facts) went on to form the Clovis peoples of the northern areas (north United States today) whose remains have been carbon-dated to about 13.5 kya.

Right around 13 kya, some speculate that a big rock smacked into the earth at a multitude of locations throughout the world, and extinguished all the megafauna (large animals) of the time, leaving food sources very scarce. The Younger-Dryas Impact hypothesis was proposed in 2007 by Dr. Richard Firestone during a spring conference. This, in turn with the substantial impact it must have had on the environment of the time. In addition, the need for the clan Shaman to explain how to get through this new obstacle would have definitely been necessary, therefore I am convinced that the practice of Shamanism continued throughout these times. However, this left the Ancient Beringians in the central area of what is now Alaska. This is the birth of the Alaskan Athabascan peoples who settled here within Alaska. With archeological sites in Tanana and the Seward Peninsula in Central and Western Alaska today. This group would have retained its modified version of Altaian Shamanism as its central religious practice.

This was also about the time the “Neolithic Revolution” happened throughout the earth. During this defined anthropological timeframe, discoveries show us that the humans of that time converted away from their hunter/gatherer techniques to more of an agriculture/settlement methodology.

In a normal evolutionary pattern a cultural-religious practice, I suspect by the time the very few remaining ancient Beringians were found by or became the Alaskan Athabascan native peoples by about 3500 BC, the practice of Shamanism had evolved to the medicine man of historical lore.

I believe that the Alaskan Athabaskan Peoples who traveled, around the ice sheet either, through the Cordilleran Ice Sheet, or via the Pacific Ocean, continued their migration south, to meet other humans along the way who settled in the areas of the north and south (of the now United States) along with the large mountain range. These settlements would become the Apache nation to the north, and the Navajo nation to the south.

From those days until now, the evolution of the shaman has continued, continuing in those early footprints, translating the interactions and wisdom offered by the millions of ancestral spirits who stayed to provide guidance to modern man. This is where my trajectory intersects with the evolutionary path. In a quest to alter my path and rekindle my connection with the spiritual world around us, I have studied my whole life for this time, for a time where my spiritual freedom can ride in tandem with the ancestors who rode before me.

As an educated man, I can only assume that this “vision” has been given to me by the ancestors as a way of understanding how things came to be. As a former member of the Christian study, these details were, at first, very strange and contradictory to what I believed. However, as I traveled back in my history to my younger days, I remember the teaching of “White Sand”, a Navajo elder living in South Tucson who introduced me to the ideas and concepts of the Navajo oral traditions.